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Arrange a free business health check with Agile Executives to uncover growth opportunities and address potential obstacles. Our team will analyse your business goals, assess your current position, and provide actionable recommendations for sustainable growth and increased profitability.

You can implement positive changes with our support, and explore options for funding through grants. Additionally, consider our Agile Connect platform for the ideal fractional executive to execute your plan effectively.

Our consultants

Browse our featured fractional executives and consultants below. For the complete list, visit Agile Connect

eCommerce, Digital & Business Growth

Strategy and Finance Expert

Brand & Marketing Expert

Digital, Brand and Marketing Expert

Business Consultant

Strategic Business & Marketing Expert

Information Technology Management Expert

Sales Leader and Business Growth expert

Digital Transformation Expert

Strategy and Marketing Expert

Operations, Project Management & Events Expert

Senior Sales Director

Brand Development Expert

HR and Leadership Expert

Operations Expert

Strategy and Sustainability Expert

Intercultural and Leadership Expert

HR and Leadership Expert

Leadership and Business Growth Expert

Finance expert

Strategy and Sales Expert

Strategy and Digital Expert

Finance expert

Business and digital strategy expert

Strategy and finance xepert

Finance Expert

Strategy and operations expert

Finance expert

Strategy and Finance Expert

Strategy and finance expert

Key services

How it works

Discover and strategise

Begin with a comprehensive consultation to understand your goals, followed by the development of a customised strategy that aligns with your business needs, whether it’s for leadership, digital transformation, or operational efficiency.

Expert match and implement

Utilise our Agile Connect platform to pair with an expert fractional executive who fits your business culture and goals, then work together to execute the strategy with our full support, ensuring practical and effective application.

Evaluate and evolve

Engage in an ongoing process of evaluation and refinement, with our team adapting strategies to your business’s growth, bolstered by regular performance reviews to ensure long-term, measurable success.

Outcomes we typically achieve with and for our clients

Higher profit
Through our strategic initiatives, we aim to boost your bottom line, enabling you to reap greater rewards from your business.
Better cashflow
Managing liquidity with precision, we will help ensure that your business always has the cash it needs to operate smoothly.
Financial planning
By aligning your financial objectives with actionable strategies, we set the stage for your long-term success and stability.
Enhanced business value
We focus on building both tangible and intangible assets, amplifying the overall worth of your enterprise.
Source funding
We connect you with the right channels to secure the necessary funds and grants available, propelling your business to new heights.
Selling/exit strategy
Whether you are looking to hand over the reins or exit with maximum value, we will guide you through the optimal path.
Increased turnover
With our tailored strategies, we streamline and accelerate your sales operations.
Better systems and controls
Implementing robust systems, we can help you have greater visibility and control over every facet of your business.
Improved operational efficiency
We’ll streamline your processes, eliminating waste and ensuring that your business runs like a well-oiled machine.
Scaling the business
With our expertise, your business will not just grow; it will scale, through sustainable and profitable expansion.
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Comprehensive analysis

Understand your business aspirations, evaluate your current position, and receive actionable recommendations.

Hands-on assistance

Benefit from our hands-on approach in implementing changes, driving sustainable growth, and elevating profitability.

Agile connect platform

Gain access to our network of fractional executives, perfectly suited to steer your business towards success.

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