Business Planning Grant

What is business planning grant?

The Business Planning Grant is an initiative by Enterprise Ireland designed to help businesses get on track with their planning, with €5,000 in funding available. A Business Planning Grant is a financial assistance programme that provides funds to businesses for the purpose of developing a comprehensive business plan. The financial planning grant offered by Crisis Response Business Financial Planning grants up to 100% of the cost of an engagement with an approved consultant. By providing financial support, these grants enable businesses to seek professional guidance and expertise in crafting a well-thought-out business plan, which can potentially make a transformational contribution to their long-term success. We have completed around 80 business plans for Enterprise Ireland Clients, many of whom we have gone on to secure funding to help them on their growth journey.

How can businesses benefit from the grant?

Applying for a business planning grant can be a wise decision when you need of additional resources and support to build a robust financial plan. Grants provide financial assistance that can help cover costs associated with hiring professional consultants or implementing advanced financial tools. If you find yourself struggling to develop a comprehensive financial plan on your own, a business planning grant can offer the necessary support to ensure success. However, it is important to carefully assess your eligibility and timing to maximise the benefits of such grants, for which we can you.

Who can benefit from business planning grants?

If your business falls into one of these categories, the grant could be a great help:

  • Your business is in its early stages and needs additional financial resources to get off the ground
  • You need support to develop a comprehensive financial plan
  • Your business is in a phase of rapid growth and needs a plan to assess the funding requirements needed to support continued growth

How can The Agile Executive help your business apply for the business planning grant in Ireland?

Specialised grant application expertise

Simplify the intricate grant application process with our in-depth understanding and established track record of successful approvals.

Tailored consultation

Recognising the distinctiveness of each business, we customise our approach to address your financial hurdles and goals.

Holistic financial planning

Collaborate with our seasoned experts to design a meticulous financial roadmap, ensuring that it resonates with your broader business ambitions.

Secure a bright future

With our support, not only do you enhance your chances of obtaining the needed funds, but also position your enterprise for sustainable expansion and enduring success.

Proven experience

Trust in a team that has consistently secured business financial planning grants in Ireland. We are not just consultants; we are your partners in navigating the financial intricacies, ensuring your grant application stands out.

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