Strategic Consultancy Grants

Understanding strategic consultancy grants

The strategic consultancy grants, which is funded by Enterprise Ireland is designed to empower SMEs and large companies by funding strategic growth initiatives. Specifically tailored for businesses in different growth stages, these grants cover costs associated with hiring expert consultants. Whether it is for a new project of strategic significance, a carbon reduction roadmap, or short-term tactical challenges, these grants aim to propel businesses towards sustained growth and competitiveness.

Benefits of strategic consultancy grants for businesses

Expert guidance

Secure top-tier consultants for invaluable strategic insights.

Substantial financial support

Obtain from 50% - 80% funding for projects, with a grant amount up to €35,000, easing strategic initiative costs.

Carbon-reduction initiatives

Large companies can develop organisational carbon reduction roadmaps.

Tailored assistance

Diverse grant categories to cater to both SMEs and large enterprises.

Competitive edge

Enables key projects that foster innovation and market competitiveness.

Growth orientation

Align business strategies for expansive and sustainable growth.

Who can benefit from strategic consultancy grant

Strategic consultancy grants are tailored for SMEs and large enterprises in diverse sectors. SMEs, especially those with 10-249 employees, can leverage these grants for significant strategic initiatives. Large companies can focus on creating carbon reduction roadmaps. Whether you are an established business or a high-potential start-up, these grants provide the financial boost and strategic direction needed to elevate your operations and achieve sustainable growth.

How The Agile Executive can help businesses secure the strategic consultancy grant

Maximised funding

Assistance in accessing 50% - 80% of consultancy costs, potentially reaching a grant amount of €35,000.

Expertise in grant navigation

Simplify the complexities of applications, ensuring adherence to grant-specific criteria.

Tailored consultations

Utilising connections with key stakeholders in Enterprise Ireland and other relevant bodies to stay updated on grant nuances.

Strategic focus

Guidance on eligible projects, from strategic reviews to organisational carbon reduction roadmaps.

Proven success

Leverage our experience in securing similar grants to bolster your application's chances.

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