About Us

Tony Dignam,
Managing Director

Tony is deeply committed to helping businesses in Ireland with their growth and development. He created Agile Executives formerly known as The Agile Executive, a first-class team, to help SMEs thrive.  

He is an experienced executive with over 30 years’ expertise in financial and operational performance, acquisitions, sales, restructuring, and attracting new business. He has worked with SMEs to improve their business planning, profitability, and cash flow. His senior-level executive experience spans FMCG, retail, food services, hospitality, technology, and sport across Ireland, US and Europe. He has acted as Company Director and Company Secretary on the boards of over 30 companies, including Paralympics Ireland.  

Agile Executives management team

Tony is supported by a management team comprising Niall O’Kelly, Chief Operating Officer & Portfolio Chief Financial Officer; Neil Mullaney, Sales Director; Peter Farren, Client Services Director; John Murphy, Portfolio Chief Financial Officer; Katherine Dignam, Finance Director and Jen Chamberlaine, Chief Marketing Officer.

The Agile Connect platform

Our team comprises more than 100 skilled agile executives with expertise in various sectors, disciplines, and competencies across all locations in Ireland. We have extensive experience working with SMEs, with 80% of our team having at least 10 years’ experience helping businesses within their fields of expertise. As a result, we understand the difficulties that SME owners face and are well-equipped to provide support and assistance. 

We have experts in general management, sales, finance, procurement, operations, supply chain, digital transformation, sustainability, data management, programme management and mentoring. With our model you can afford to have that sort of talent you always dreamed of on your management team – and at a cost you can afford. 

Agile Executives has helped hundreds of SMEs increase profits, improve cashflow and enhance business valuation

What we do

Executives as a service (fractional executives)

For business owners who want to fortify their leadership team with deep financial understanding, digital capability and scaling expertise, Agile Executives provides experienced senior business leaders as a service that help companies unlock their full potential. We offer finance, marketing, sales, HR, technology and operations advisors who can add value to your senior teams quickly for shorter and longer term engagements. 

Facilitating access to funding and supports

We have helped hundreds of SMEs gain access to more than €5 million in Government grants and supports, as well as tens of millions of euros in funding, in both debt and equity.

The Agile Connect platform incorporates our own Agile Executives as well as top-class consultants that we have partnered with to provide you with a one-stop shop. [Insert consultants menu]

What we are about


To be the trusted partner for SMEs by:

  • Providing fractional/senior executive services
  • Delivering dedicated mentoring
  • Offering expert consultancy
  • Assisting with grant and funding
  • Facilitating state-backed growth programmes


At The Agile Executive, we focus on:

  • Empowering business aspirations
  • Boosting financial turnover
  • Strengthening cash flow
  • Increasing company value
  • Matching SMEs with expert professionals

Would you like more information?​

Do you want to find out how to improve the profitability of your business? Register your interest now to find out how we can help. We can also discuss the grants and supports we can help you access.

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