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Tara O’Rourke: a seasoned Business Consultant, strategic advisor, and marketing specialist. Previously Head of Brand Marketing @Coca-Cola Bottlers (25 years local & global experience). Hi, I’m Tara. I specialise in driving profitable growth and advise large and small-to-medium sized organizations on how to achieve their goals. My forte lies in long-term strategic planning, unique brand positioning, creative communication, and turning insights and ideas into tangible results. My expertise spans diverse sectors such as FMCG, Food & Beverages, Retail, Hospitality, Healthcare and Timber. With a track record in successfully launching and managing multiple iconic brands*, categories, channels, and stakeholders, as well as building awareness, engagement, and recall, I’ve broad experience and would be happy to share learnings that apply to you. I’ve crafted 50+ business plans, led cross-functional teams, delivered 22 innovations (incl. Best New Global Juice) and a multitude of effective traditional marketing and digital campaigns. I’ve also navigated the corporate landscape with giants such as Coca-Cola, Kraft Foods, and Nielsen, involving frequent board engagement. One of my standout achievements? Developing Deep RiverRock’s customer-focused strategy to become a sustainability leader, with the first 100% recycled water bottle made in Ireland. Additionally, I’ve advised smaller ventures, including the award-winning Irish start-up Wexbury Spirits on strategy, clarity on brand identity, crafting a compelling narrative and packaging. As an inspiring visionary leader, I’ve an innate ability to understand needs, mentor and motivate others to deliver. Taking a pragmatic approach, I look at the entire Profit & Loss, identify opportunities and address potential obstacles and how to overcome them, whilst challenging thinking. If you are tackling increased business costs, want to scale your business, need clarity, smart quick fixes, or a longer-term directional roadmap, I’m here to help drive profitable growth. Message me below to get started. Thanks for your attention. *(Coca-Cola: Managed Deep RiverRock, Fruice, Appletiser, Tanora and Provincial Rugby, Dublin GAA, Belfast City Marathon and Tour de France sponsorships. Jointly Planned Smartwater, Powerade, Oasis, Fuze Tea & Kia Ora. Kraft Foods: Kenco, Maxwell House, Carte Noire, Coffee, Philadelphia Cheese, Toblerone, Milka, Cote d’Or and Nielsen: Cadbury, Denny, Bulmers, Heineken, Dairygold, Golden Vale, Roche and Seven Seas)

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