Fractional Chief Finance Officer

What is a CFO's role and responsibilities?

A CFO, or Chief Financial Officer, is a senior executive responsible for managing the financial strategy and operations of an organisation. This includes overseeing financial planning, monitoring cash flow, analysing financial strengths and weaknesses, and proposing corrective actions. In addition to these fiscal responsibilities, the CFO typically plays a key role in company leadership, helping to shape the company’s overall strategy from a financial perspective. As businesses evolve in the digital age, CFOs also increasingly engage with data analytics, risk management, and strategic growth initiatives.​

Value a Fractional CFO can add

Types of organisations that choose a Fractional Chief Financial Officer


Young companies that need financial expertise to shape their growth trajectory but may not yet have the budget for a full-time CFO.

SMEs facing complex financial decisions

Businesses approaching pivotal financial decisions, such as mergers, acquisitions, or major investments.

Organisations in transition

Companies undergoing restructuring, entering new markets, or facing significant financial challenges that require expert guidance – perhaps on a temporary basis.


In addition to providing Fractional CFOs, we can provide a fully outsourced finance function, providing a one-stop-shop for accounting, payroll and tax. We create accurate, timely management accounts, ensure you remain compliant and offer business support services with a personal touch at a great price. As your financial growth partner, we help you with the following services – 

Need expert financial guidance without the full-time expense?

Are you navigating complex financial decisions or looking to streamline your financial operations? Do you need strategic guidance on mergers, acquisitions, or investment planning? Our Fractional CFOs bring a wealth of experience and strategic insight, tailored to your unique business needs. Book you call now.


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